Who is Prohibition Records?

Prohibition Records is a collective of Jazz/Americana musicians forming out of New Orleans and the San Francisco Bay Area. Lead Organizer David Hull is a producer/musician/entrepreneur from Fresno, California and currently lives on his sailboat in New Orleans while performing 3-6 nights a week on Bourbon St. (More on Dave here: www.funknoise.com)

A Note From Lead Organizer, David Hull:

I often say I have fun for a living, but the truth is I've worked hard to be employed in the entertainment business. I have a certificate in music business (from Musicians Institute, with internships at U.C.L.A. extension & Windswept Publishing). I studied Jazz at Berklee School of Music's international program in Paris, and spent 7 years performing and consulting on cruise ships around the world before landing in New Orleans.

I have a good network of musicians between New Orleans, the West Coast, and in various countries around the world. More importantly, my partner Laurel Manfredi and I are motivated to build a better community for our friends, family, neighbors and (someday) our children.

Laurel is at least half the reason Prohibition Records exists. She has a Masters degree in Social Work, and she has a bigger heart for people than anyone I know! (She's also really patient with paperwork, and with me...)

When we became reacquainted in January 2016, we both envisioned a better world for our children and decided the time was right to build a "Protest" record label. Our message has evolved since then to instead bring artists together. We both believe that as long as artists practice their craft, there will always be hope.

Since we've started work on Prohibition Records, we've already seen the community around us come together. Despite what we hear in the news, our world has many good things to report on. That's why I say I have the most fun job in the world!

 What is Prohibition Records doing?

Our goal is to produce events, recordings, and video that speak to modern society like Jazz did in the Prohibition Era.

As the centennial of Prohibition nears, we believe Live Jazz & Americana will be highly marketable as a form of social expression and commentary, and highly deliverable using 21st century live media technology. We hope to grow our reach and presence through alternative sales outlets like Cannabis dispensaries, using breaking new technology in music and video delivery. (For example, check out what these Sunglasses can do!)

Where's the music happening?

We're planning our Launch Party in New Orleans for Spring 2017, as well as events in California in Summer 2017. Stay updated by becoming a Sustaining Member or by applying to our Artist Network.



Why are we doing this?

Frankly, we didn't choose to start Prohibition Records. Prohibition Records chose to start us.

How are we doing this?

With incredible determination. With a love for music and people, and with a whole lot of time spent spreading the word. You can help us by spreading the word to your friends and fan base. As a thank you for becoming a Sustaining Member, we'll send you exclusive recordings from artists you've never heard of. (And maybe some that you have!)