Near Or Far - The Label has Landed

It's been a wild ride building a record label, which involved transplanting myself from New Orleans to the San Francisco Bay over the course of 6 months. Last Monday I arrived in San Bruno to stay for the Summer with Laurel Manfredi. She and I are working tirelessly, not only on Prohibition Records but also on building a life together. We met circa 1990 at a piano recital, when I was just 5 years old.

When we reacquainted last year in New Orleans, she shared with me her dream of having kids, and I shared my passion for music with her. As a social worker, Laurel does some of the most important work in modern society. She's there for kids who have no one, and we have a unique opportunity to build a family and a community for them. We'd like to share that experience with underprivileged youth, so I'm reaching out to friends new and old to support this musical community. We're launching a fundraising campaign to support scholarships for Jazz Camps like the ones I attended growing up, and have already raised $760 to that end.

Starting this week I'm meeting with music societies and educational organizations to build on this effort. If you're involved in an organization or can support this cause individually, we'd love to connect you to the best use of your resources. Feel free to reach out to me personally through the contact form on this website, and by all means…Donate!

Last but not least, enjoy the music! Laurel and I took the opportunity on our Westward drive to record a song at Grand Canyon National Park. Laurel sang it beautifully and bravely as a thunderstorm rolled in, and we’re super proud of our first music video together! “Near or Far” was originally written in 2008 by Casey Burton and Yours Truly,

Dave Hull