Sustaining Membership

 David Hull as the Stowaway Pianist

David Hull performs as the Stowaway Pianist on the Anthem of the Seas


We were originally inspired to build Prohibition Records as a protest label. To reflect that, we set about building a "business without money". While we enjoy a wealth of creative capital, we do still need a minimal amount of cash donations to complete some projects. 




Artists are able to produce and release their work independently in the 21st century. When we came together in 2016, we envisioned an artist community that would encourage collaborative projects. We're developing a business plan to distribute and publish new music, and to coordinate tours and sponsorships.


Live events and recorded projects are organized and executed by our network of Artist Members, while funding is generated by sponsorship, crowdfunding platforms, grants, and Sustaining Memberships.


Your generous contributions will go directly toward this project. For donations of $12 or more we'll send you David Hull's first professional album, "Learning Curve Blues" released when he was 12 years old.




 For your generous donations of $25 or more, we'll send you our first release due August 29th 2017.


We're also offering VIP memberships starting at $60. VIP Members will receive the two albums above, as well as two VIP Tickets to any Prohibition Records event in 2017.





Where would we be without our fans?  

We welcome all forms of support, and love sharing experiences with our fans. From my years on the road playing music, I know that sometimes all an artist needs is a couch to sleep on. There's no contribution too big or small. Just let us know how you would like to help! 


 Thank you for your interest in becoming a Sustaining Member of Prohibition Records!




Your friend and neighborhood noisemaker,

Dave Hull